About Us

The Management Team

Dr. Fabiana Fantine
Founder and CEO

PhD in Natural Sciences and MBA graduate with more than 15-year experience in R&D at large chemical companies, such as BASF, LyondellBasell and Capgemini Business Consulting.

Dr. Alessandro Carfagnin
Founder and CTO

MSc in Industrial Chemistry, manager for over 10 years in the family-owned company Softer SpA, sold to Celanese AG. Successfully launched SABIOMATERIALS, a bioplastics compounder.

Dr. Josef Glass

PhD in Engineering with over 15-years experience in serving Boston Consulting, Bayer AG and advising several large chemical corporations on commercial and operational innovation

Mauro Andriotto

Founder of AFS and EDSX. Prof. of Finance and Enterprise Risk Management at SDA Bocconi, Univ. of Pisa and Univ. of Genève UBIS. Former quantitative leader at EY for the South Europe.