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Valorize CO2 emissions

At CO2BioClean, we believe that we can play our part in helping reduce the impact of industrial emissions on the climate, whilst simultaneously producing valuable biopolymers that themselves have a positive climate and environmental impact through their inherent characteristics of compostability and biodegradability.

The innovative technology developed by CO2BioClean can reduce emissions by transforming CO2 into valuable materials that themselves carry a significant market value.

Through an advanced and proprietary process based on fermentation, the gas becomes biopolymers (PHA) that can be used for consumer markets.

Our fermentation units are installed alongside industrial structures and cause no change to the processes themselves, capturing emissions at the end of a pipe.

Greenhouse gases (GHG) that have an impact on climatic systems are emitted through various processes – including industrial processes where carbon dioxide (CO2) is released as a by-product. Any major industrial unit using fossil fuel energy sources, such as those producing cement, steel, paper, glass or plastic, will inevitably emit CO and CO2.
Even the production of biogas and biomethane, during which CO2 is stripped out to make purer, cleaner fuels, is one of those common industrial processes.

These industries face the challenge of establishing how to reduce their carbon footprint in energy consumption (by using renewable energies for example) and in the products themselves. As CO2 emissions are increasingly subjected to carbon taxation, reducing these emissions becomes not just an environmental imperative but a clever choice for the bottom line. Current EU carbon market prices are approximately €100 per tonne.

Our company is actively seeking partnership with CO2- emitting industries searching for technologies to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions.

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